Eid morning [Archives:2008/1197/Community]

October 9 2008

Sahar Al-Gorban
Faculty of Art
Sana'a University

The first morning of Eid is my favorite. I stay up all the night before not because I still have something to do, but because I'm so eager for it to be morning.

The sunrise is the first thing my eyes see on Eid morning. It is beautiful and brings me inner peace. My feelings soar as my father and my brothers go to the mosque to pray.

While they are away, my mother and I make breakfast.

My mother, little brothers and I stand behind the door to greet them when they return from the mosque. As we hug and kiss them, it is as though we haven't seen each other for ages. In fact, I can hardly stop tears from running down my cheeks.

And then the money is handed out. What a nice morning! And what a lot of money too!

Eid morning comes to an end when my father and brothers go to visit relatives. It is a special time I will always love.