Eid of whines [Archives:2002/11/Focus]

March 11 2002

Mohammed Noman al-Hakimi
Did you have a happy Eid, Mr. Bassam? inquires his colleague as they were driving to work.
“Well, happiness has been off duty, my dear. It has departed from us since we were afflicted with such timid pretenders, such adrift leaders. Eid is developing into agonies and whimpers. I wonder, how can I enjoy myself while those massacres are being practiced against us all these days and years?
How can I envisage glorious prospects to a meager and dispersed Ummah, proved to have ignominious and callous attitudes towards all its issues? Well, I never, something ridiculous indeed my dear.” complained Bassam.
None can lose the sight of the fact that our destiny has backed out. Its reality makes no sense now: in Iraq or in Sana’a, in Egypt or Jerusalem, in Iran or in Lebanon; compunctions are evenly shared.
To enjoy Eid, the destination of many people was Aden, the most beautiful city in our country. However, its splendid beaches and striking landscapes didn’t fully impress its lovers and visitors, and accordingly the way it expressed joy and welcome was off the beaten track.
In fact, it was dressed with gloominess and depression even more this year. It couldn’t, along with all cities of the Arab world, ignore the bane that is gnawing into the Arab and Muslim’s hearts. In addition to from the very bad economic conditions and destitution experienced by the poor who are everywhere you turn, the loss and the outbreak of national retrogression seems more visible, and seen on the faces of the young.
Thus, the Eid on which we can achieve Arab unity, protect our religion and restore our invaded lands, would be the most cherished and memorable. Otherwise, we will keep fooling around, reaping nothing but fiasco.
Will those whines prick the consciences of our leaders?!
Shall we ever become a happy unified world? Let’s still, somehow, aspire to this.
The Has-been
Let me travel
In your sphere
Stiff the fragrance
And cruise before your image
On the remains of those
Who have set away.