Election challenges reviewed [Archives:2002/51/Local News]

December 16 2002

Courts of first instances throughout the country have finished last week reviewing and settling election challenges so as to pave the way for election committees to publish and announce judgments for four days starting today, December 16th.
This duration is considered to be crucial period for the concerned bodies to be informed of the challenges to be accepted or refused before the courts of appeals.
These courts are to receive the challenges starting from today and will continue for 25 days.
Dr. Abdulmumin Shuga’a Addeen, a member of the Supreme Committee for Elections and Referendum and the Chairman of the Legal Affairs Sector declared to the Saba Agency that the courts of appeals will deal with challenges starting from tomorrow until January 14.
These challenges will come out with decisive and final decisions.
Dr. Abdulmumin added that the third phase for challenges was of great significance and had achieved the desired goals to refine and clean up voter lists for the upcoming parliamentary elections to be held in April of next year.