ELECTION DISPUTE CONTINUES [Archives:2001/13/Front Page]

March 26 2001

Last Saturday morning, a huge protest took place at the Supreme Elections Committee (SEC) in Sanaa with almost 10,000 protestors. The demonstrators protested the official results declared by the SEC for the local council elections for the provinces of Arhab, Khawlan, Al-Jubahin, and Al-Salafiyya. The official results declared the winners to be from the General People’s Congress, while the true results, protestors say, involve the victory of Islah affiliates.
According to Islah, the winners of the seats in those provinces were originally from Islah until the SEC fraudulently changed their names and declare others to be the winners. They emphasized they had all the documents to prove that the true winners were those from Islah. In a letter to the SEC, Islah stated that eventually the SEC would be solely responsible for any future action if the fraud is allowed to continues in the lists of the winners of the province local council seats. They further accused SEC of being behind the disappearance of documents relating to the victory of Islah’s representatives in the Arhab governorate, the fraud in Al-Salafiyya along with the delay in announcing the results in other provinces.
The SEC stated that it has no intention whatsoever to tamper the results, even though Islah said that clandestine negotiations are underway.
It is worth noting that until this very moment the final and complete results of the local council elections held on 20 February 2001 are still not declared.