Election educational course for women candidates conducted [Archives:2006/975/Local News]

August 24 2006

By: Yemen Times Staff
SANA'A, Aug. 22 ) In collaboration with the All Girls' Society, Al-Jazeera Center for Human Rights (JCHR) organized a training and education course last Monday for women involved in upcoming local elections, aiming to help women candidates win.

The workshop specifically targets female candidates in the capital's local. The workshop is part of many workshops and awareness activities conducted around the republic in order to promote women in the local elections.

“Yemeni women took the right path and this has been reflected positively upon society. Yemen was the first nation in the area to adopt women's rights,” noted Minister of Human Rights Khadija Al-Haysami.

She further mentioned, “The Ministry of Human Rights is collaborating with more than 30 civil society organizations to change the passive view men have about women.”

Numerous women were ambitious about the local elections, thus assuring women's ability to compete and participate in Yemen's development. One such participant, seventh constituency candidate Fathia Al-Aubidi said, “Women are able to create marvels and they should convince themselves that they have the ability to participate in creating development.”

Fellow candidate Fatima Al-Da'ari asserted, “A woman able to manage her household affairs is also able to participate actively in political life.”

However, some Yemeni citizens still consider look down on women's involvement in the political life and don't agree with them joining local councils.

“Though I'm for women's political rights, I still feel that the nature of local council members' work doesn't suit women because it involves field visits and project follow-up, which cause women to fail to perform their required duties,” participant Mohammed Hezam remarked.

For her part, JCHR head Bilqis Abu Aisba does not agree.

“Any entitlement a woman achieves is considered a social entitlement for both men and women alike. Yemeni women have achieved much success, but low social awareness is the reason hindering them from participating in political life. I hope to see Yemen develop with the participation of both men and women,” said Aisba.

“Our aim is to encourage females whether candidates or voters, we believe that women should get more decision making positions because currently they are largely under-represented,” she added.