Elections infringementsFemale candidate complains [Archives:2003/635/Local News]

May 12 2003

Ms. Mahafodah Hassan Ali Ibrahim al-Sa'faf from Malhan district, Mahweet governorate, an independent candidate in 236 consistency, appealed in a letter on Tuesday to all organizations of human rights, woman rights and freedom rights organizations in Yemen and the world to stand by her against the injustice she had sustained at the hands of the Supreme Committee for Elections and Referendum (SCER) and General People's Congress party (GPC) in her constituency.
She confirmed that at the 236 constituency where she had nominated for parliamentary elections, she gained more than 12,000 votes exceeding the GPC's candidate, however, the SCER and those supporting it in the governorate, changed the result in favor of the GPC's candidate.
So Ms. Mahafodah called on all the above mentioned organizations to immediately appeal to the president of the republic, chairman of GPC, along with Minster of Justice and Judicial Inspection Authority chairman and all the concerned bodies to do justice and support her to get her lost legal and constitutional rights as well as guaranteeing legalized, proper and fair procedures for her case.
Mahafodah filed a compliant to the Supreme Court. However, her life was threatened by unidentified people demanding to rapidly and unconditionally stop her pursuit for her legal rights via the concerned women organizations and associations.
She said in a letter, the paper received a copy of “though the Supreme Court has acceptance my suit, the procedures I got through as a women were unbelievable. I have been demanded to pay exaggerated fees amounting to 50,000 rials besides, continuos administrative obstacles and impediments that do injustice for a woman to get her rights.”
She said further “I ask all the honest people and the concerned human rights and freedoms organizations to help me and to quickly put an end to the threats I have been receiving and stop all this mess and playing with our rights as it touches my life and family. I have lost the stability in my country in spite of my request is considered the simplest legal rights for any woman and human in any place in the world.”
Mahafodah added, “I, on the behalf of every Yemeni woman, feel extremely worried about the future that is awaiting all the Yemeni women. We all are still exposed to a big conspiracy aiming at depriving us of all our legal and legitimate rights under groundless and weak justifications.”
She concluded her letter saying “Yemeni women are still exposed to a big conspiracy in which all parties participate and agree to deceive us all. It is obvious that all parties have an undeclared agreement on deceiving and suppressing us and confiscate our rights. It is regretful that the Yemeni parties promises were all just false and a lie. All overbidding with Yemeni woman issues and what is related to do justice for her and giving her all rights were just electoral propaganda.”