Electricity Blackouts in Sanaa  Disrupt Ramadhan Nights [Archives:1999/51/Front Page]

December 20 1999

SANAA: Since the start of Ramadhan, power failures have become a daily problem that have frustrated and dismayed the residents of the Capital. In some neighborhoods in the capital, such as the Al-Asbahi Complex, electricity blackouts may last up to 2 to 5 hours per day. The situation is worst when the blackouts happen at night, just when families gather around their dinner tables. “Just as we are just to break our fast, we were surprised to find the whole neighborhood out of electricity. It was not only the timing of the incident, but the fact that the blackout continued for 3 consecutive hours. This is ruining the beauty of Ramadhan nights. It is interesting that while we are less than two weeks from the 21st century, our country seems to be returning to the dark ages,” a frustrated citizen complained.