Electricity development [Archives:2004/721/Local News]

March 18 2004

By Fahmia Al-Fotih
For the Yemen Times

Under auspices of the Minister of Electricity, Mr. Abdualrahman Tarmom, the activities of the 3-day expanded meeting for the managers of control and inspection in the areas and power stations of the General Electricity Authority concluded on 10 March 2004.
The 3-day workshop discussed a number of working papers related to the required standards that should be provided to achieve effective control and the importance of computers in enhancing the role of the internal inspection in the institutions. It also discussed weakness points, shortages in the electricity institutions and how to solve them. They presented developments in the financial inspection regime, the situations in the inspection departments and their importance in the areas and power stations. Mr. Ahmed Al-Ayaini, Deputy Electricity Minister, pointed out the importance of that official meeting in activating the role of the administration and financial inspection in the electricity general institutions and it came as a response to the President's orders, which stressed the necessity of administrative and financial control in all state sectors at all times.
Al-Ayaini also said that the Electricity Authority is one of the establishments that has been improving in all fields and that as a result needs to update the work of the control and inspection administrations in different areas and power stations.
He further called for more cooperation among all the areas and power stations belonging to the Electricity Authority in order to fulfill its goals.
On the other side, Mr. Abdualmoti Al-Juniad, the General-Manager of the General Electricity Authority, said that meeting came to support the government in implementing the administrative and financial reforms.
He pointed out that the Electricity Authority seeks to update the means of control and inspection in all its sectors to enable it to so its job successfully.
He also stressed on the importance of that meeting through which they can raise the performance level and present the problems and the means of overcoming them.
Mr. Mohammed Al-Zuhairi, the General-Manager of the Financial and Administrative Department of the General Electricity Authority, welcomed the participants and delivered a speech in which he said “In this meeting we attempt to activate the role of administrative and financial control in the General Electricity Authority in all of its sectors in the provinces.”
He added “Our priority is to implement the laws, regulations and bylaws. We work to correct and cure some mistakes and excesses”