Electronic e-card project inaugurated [Archives:2005/821/Local News]

March 3 2005

Al-Mu'atamar net inaugurated the issuance of electronic e-cards Sunday Feb.27 at the Authority of Civil Affairs and Civil Record (ACACR), and the issuance of the electronic e-card has become available at four districts in the capital.

Presenter Mattash Mohammad, General Manager of Public Relations at the ACACR pointed out that the inauguration was held with the participation of officials from the Ministry of Interior, the ACACR and the Capital Secretariat and the project comes in the framework of generalizing the electronic e-card that includes the uniformed national number.

Minister of Interior, Rashad al-Alimi said in a statement to the Yemen Times that his ministry would officially announce the cancellation of the old e-card and will prevent using it in any dealings as it is replaced by the electronic one.

He added that civilians will be given 6 months to have electronic e-cards instead of the old ones.

On his part, Director General at the ACACR pointed out that the authority is ready issue the electronic e-card including a variety of data relevant to the cardholder, and the project was implemented in cooperation with the Supreme Commission for Elections and Referendum. The cardholder will be able to vote in the coming elections using the electronic card.

He added that the procedures associated with the issuance of the electronic e-card include the fingerprint, photo and other biological signals that affirm the personality identification of the citizen and it is impossible to forge it.

The new system aims at decreasing the heavy burden upon the government as it issues electoral cards for citizens in every electoral term and the civil and electoral systems will be integrated into one.

Currently the authority receives between 70-80 people who get e-card in not more than one day.

The total number of people who currently have electronic e-cards reached 48,139, 36,129 males and 12.010 females in all the bureaus of the ten governorates.

It is worth mentioning that Yemen started issuing the electronic e-cards more than two years ago at the ACACR in the capital and other bureaus in ten other governorates.