Eman University Graduates its First Batch [Archives:2001/23/Front Page]

June 4 2001

A ceremony was held last Saturday June 2 to celebrate the graduation of the first Batch at Al-Eman University. 140 students, including 20 females, from Yemen, Albania and the Comoros graduated from the university. 
The ceremony was attended by a large number of people, students estimated at more than 10,000. The Vice President representing the President, and a number of politicians, high ranking officials, preachers, MPs, Shoura council members attended the ceremony. Some Arab guests and representatives from Islamic and non-Islamic countries attended the ceremony of whom sheikh al-Qardawi was the most outstanding. 
Al-Eman university is composed of four main faculties, namely Human Sciences Faculty, Sharia’a Faculty, Al-Eman Faculty and Al-Dawah Faculty 
5000 students from more than 50 foreign countries study in the university. 
It is worth noting that Al-Eman university was established seven years ago. It enjoys support from many Arab sources interested in teaching the Islamic and human sciences as well as spreading Islam to non-Muslim countries.