Emerging Democracies Summit Set for May 24-26 [Archives:1999/09/Front Page]

March 1 1999

Yemen Times learned that the “Emerging Democracies Forum: A Political Leaders Summit” to be held in Sanaa is now scheduled for May 24-26, 1999. The conference will bring together leaders of democracies – from government, political parties, business and civil society – from a dozen or so democratizing Third World countries. In addition to Yemen, these include such diverse nations as Benin, Georgia, Guatemala, Malawi, Mali, Mongolia, Mozambique, and Nepal.
The gathering is partly sponsored by the US State Department and is organized by the National Democratic Institute (NDI). Mr. Les Campbell, Middle East Regional Director at NDI, is planning a visit to Sanaa in mid-March to iron out final details of the meeting.
The Republic of Yemen, as one of the emerging democracies, has offered to host the forum, and contribute towards its local expenditures.
The objective is to strengthen the commitment of these countries to democratization, especially in light of major hurdles in the transformation process. It will also be a good opportunity to share experiences and views.