Emma [Archives:2003/667/Education]

September 11 2003

By Saleh Ahmed Al-Shumaily
An English teacher
Al-Shaer province

Emma is one of the reputable novels of the Victorian age. This novel has been written by one of the most famous novelists, Jane Austen. In this novel Austen displays the fighting of young women in choosing good husbands. In this novel too, we can appreciate the characteristics of the Victorian age ; especially the feature of social gossip in the matters of weddings and engagements.
In this novel we can see how Emma tries to make various marriages by producing young women to young men. She wants to guide and control the couples by her predetermination and ujnoring future problems and obstacles . she wants to control others, minds and hearts although the fact remains that < one can't control one's prejudice, she considers herself another thing from the low class people, in the sense that she thinks about Mr. Churchly as a suitable suitor for her and tries to escape from Mr. knightly whom deems as her bosom brother.
When fate comes add to her predetermination, she summits and is convinced that Mr. knightly is her suitable-suitor. She takes a promise not to interfere in others, affairs and only mind her own bussing.
So , we can say that Austen tries to cure the malady of gossip among Victorian and past Victorian age women. One must be submissive and ready to get open heatedly what fate gives.
In this novel, from my point of view, there is nothing called the true-love among the couples. One finds emma convinced with mr churchle, later on one finds her satisfied with mr knighty, her heart has on shelfer either in mr churchles chest nor in mr knighty,s chest. The true lovers hearts have only one hope that is to live and to die in the same place and at the same time.true love has on interference true love is created by the inner feelings of the two couples since the first sight . whatever problems face the two lovers, they overcome them mutually. But in emma nothing like this happens. All the characters are insensitive towards the concept of TRUE LOVE.