Employment discussed [Archives:2004/778/Local News]

October 4 2004

A National Tripartite Symposium on Employment, organized by the Regional Office for Arab States of the International Labour Organization (ILO) in Beirut, in collaboration with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour (MSAL), was held in Sana'a from 29th September and 2nd October 2004.
The symposium aimed to support the establishment of a nationally owned employment strategy that would be integrated into the broader Yemeni development process. This Symposium provides an important input useful in achieving the goals of the Labor Market Information Systems Project being implemented jointly by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), ILO and MSAL.
The symposium is stirring a national discussion on key themes related to employment in Yemen, including the broad dimensions of decent work; macroeconomic policy and employment generation; labor market information systems; small and medium-sized enterprise sector development.
The symposium brought together the policy makers in government, workers' and employers' organizations, business, national and international organizations, as well as representatives of labor syndicates, the donor community and international specialists. It provided a forum for exchanging views and experiences on labor and employment issues in Yemen.