End of 13th week of Excellent-League [Archives:1998/08/Sports]

February 23 1998

Football Tournament Ahli Sanaa on Top
Ahli Sanaa managed to keep its first place at the top of the Excellent-League Football Tournament when it defeated Ittihad Ibb at the latter’s homeground and among its fans. The match took place at Al-Kibsi Stadium in Ibb on February 20th. Ahli of Sanaa has thus raised its credit to 30 points and Ittihad Ibb has kept its credit at 15 points.
Ahli Sanaa has proved through this victory that it managed to utilize experiences, organization and diligence for the purpose of beating its opponents. This is exactly what happened at the match with Ittihad Ibb.

Ahli Sanaa team dominated the first and the second halves of the match. Ittihad Ibb could barely reach mid-field, unable to penetrate the Ahli defenses. Ittihad Ibb scored the only goal through an organized series of attacks. But Ahli Sanaa could understand the ambitions of Ittihad Ibb, so it moved rapidly, making several attacks from mid-field. Thus, it managed to absorb the zeal of the Ittihad players intensifying the attacks to win the match 2-1.
At the same day and in four other governorates, matches of the 13th week of the Excellent-League Football Tournament continued, were Al-Zuhra of Sanaa defeated Shamsan of Aden 4-nil at the match which took place in Al-Dhurafi Stadium.
In Aden, Al-Tilal of Aden was able to tie with Al-Tali’a of Taiz 2-2. It was expected that Al-Tilal would win, especially that it played on its homeground and among its fans.
In Abyan, the Hassan team of Abyan defeated Ahli of Hodieda 4-1. In Hadhramaut, Wahda of Sanaa defeated Shaab Al-Muklla 3-1.
Shaab Ibb was able to defeat Al-Shu’la of Aden 1-nil at the match which took place in Ibb during the opening of the 13th week matches of the tournament on February 19, 1998.
Results of the 13th week of the Excellent-League Football tournament teams are as follows: