End of Excellent-Division Footbal Tournament: Whada, Champion Forever! [Archives:1998/20/Sports]

May 18 1998

The strong will, continuous training and big aspirations of the players made the Wahda football team sure to win the Excellent-Division Football Tournament for the year 1997/1998. Wahda managed to defeat the Shaab of Ibb 4-1, though all sport observers expected that the match with the Shaab of Ibb would be difficult. But the Wahda ably won the tournament for the third time.
Thus the championship cup will be possessed by the Wahda for ever, making this a precedent that was not achieved by any Yemeni team since the unification of the coountry.
Although the Ahli of Sanaa managed to defeat Shamsan 5-0, yet Al-Wahda stayed on the top with a one-point difference. That is because the Ahli of Sanaa lost several easy matches; therefore, got the second place and the silver medal.
The Shoula of Aden got the third place when they defeated Al-Tilal 2-1 in a match that was characterized by tension, considering that Shoula played with 10 players only after one of their players was withdrawn. With the triumph of the Wahda of Sanaa, the Shaab of Ibb was left in the 4th place with 43 points.
Hassan fell back during the 19th week of the Excellent-Division Football Tournament.
The Hassan team’s coach Mr. Ashor Abdulrazaq said, “Al-Shoula defeated our team before two weeks because the players did not follow the plans and some players were injured.” Therefore, Hassan got to 5th place. The Shaab of Mukallah got to 6th place after defeating Hassan 3-1. The Shoula of Aden defeated the Tilal of Aden 2-1. With this victory, Tilal of Aden got the 7th place. Ittihad of Ibb got to 8th place after defeating Ahli of Hodiedah 2-0. The Zohra of Sanaa got to 9th place and the Taliea of Taiz got to 10th place with 18 points.