Enhancing women’s legal status [Archives:2005/852/Front Page]

June 20 2005

By Fahmia Al-Fotih
For the Yemen Times

Nowadays most of countries tend to review their laws and regulations and modify them to meet with the international conventions related to women. Yemen is among these countries that have modified some discriminative laws against woman to get together with the international conventions the Yemen has ratified.

In this regard, under patronage of Sheikh Abduallah Bin Hussein AL-Ahmer, speaker of parliament, coordinating with the rights and freedoms committee of parliament, the Women National Committee (WNC) along with UNFPA held on Tuesday 14 June a workshop entitled “Enhancing the Women' Legal Status””.

The aim of the workshop was to display the National Strategy of Woman Development (Gender) for 2006-2015 as well as present some laws that should be modified.

Sheikh Al-Ahmar