Enough Humiliation!! [Archives:2002/06/Viewpoint]

February 4 2002

What else could be more humiliating than the story published today in the local news page of this edition about the beating up of a minister by a tribesman? What on earth could be more disgusting and outrageous in a country claiming to have law and order?
Our country now has an enemy that we must all unite against. That enemy is lawlessness. Some individuals, many with great influence, have become so unconcerned with the law that they could virtually do anything they want, without being asked any questions.
The condition is truly serious and there is no time to spare.
The president himself should rise to the occasion and put this phenomenon to an end. We need to realize that leaving such individuals without punishment will put the more responsible and honest citizens at risk.
There is a tremendous responsibility lying on the President of the Republic who seems to be the only individual that is able to stop those people. I know that not all officials in the government want such humiliating reports revealed. But sticking our heads in the sand will only make things worse. We need to stand up and face our problems. We need to be rise to the challenges our nation is facing and to be more responsible towards our citizens, who are continuously dreaming of a country of law and order.
On this occasion, I also find myself obliged to request other parties to interfere and stop those phenomena from occurring. Those are sheikhs that are responsible and feel ashamed of what this sheikh did. I am positive that there are many sheikhs and tribesmen who do not believe in the rightfulness of what the sheikh did. Hence, I urge them to stand with the government against those individuals.
Tribesmen should realize that having a country where state regulations and laws are enforced, would hold a much brighter future for their coming generations. Law and order have never been a source of worry and anxiety, but rather a source of confidence and security. Wouldnt it be better for Yemen to have laws that are implemented on each and every Yemeni equally?
I also know that there are some sheikhs who believe that law and order should not prevail. I consider those the enemies of modernization and freedom. Those are the ones benefiting from the lawlessness in their regions, where government access and control is significantly weak.
We have had more than our share of chaos and lawlessness throughout the years and we need to get out of this situation. We need to unite against all those who are against stability, security, and the law. Those are certainly a great threat to our countrys future as they oppose any efforts to bring security, law, and order to the country.
I feel it is time for our leadership and authorities to see the danger and act promptly before it is too late.
In brief I would say, enough humiliation gentlemen,,,

Enough humiliation!