Enough Talking, Time to Act! [Archives:2000/33/Focus]

August 14 2000

Nadia Abdulaziz Al-Saqqaf,
Yemes Times
What makes it easier for us is that we are a few. And again what makes it tougher for us is that we are a few. What I mean by “us” is active women, not only in Yemen but all around the world. We, being a minority, make competition less, and put us in the lime light easily. But come to think of it, we need support to be able to do something we cannot do it on our own, yet.
You see, in a society where men take the leading positions in most fields of life and work, a woman needs to prove herself to him first. Because even if she is qualified but he doesn’t or would not think so, it is a very slight chance that she gets through.
Now that the problem is made clear, I have a few suggestions, which I hope could be of help. These are addressed to all women of the world and of course, our fellow men who are interested:
1) Development of any society starts from developing its people individually, then the society as a whole.
2) Women, being an integral and vital part of society, need to be focused on, not brushed aside.
3) There are two angles through which improving women’s situation should be looked; first is by pulling those in lower levels to higher ones by the help of those already on top. And secondly, by pushing those on top to higher positions and to achieve more by those at lower levels …. it is a two-way cycle.
4) We need a major plan to organize our steps in order to be able to attain our aim. And what is more important, we need to stick to it.
5) All women should get together and work as a team. Group and collective efforts always lead to better results. We need to gang up against all those limitations and restrictions so as to make a place for ourselves.
These are but few of many ideas, which I hope could be helpful to women strife for playing their actual and genuine role in life. What we need is a strong will and persistence. Set up a goal, plan for it and then go ahead. Enough of wasting time and beating around the bush. We have taken enough, now it is time to act and give.