Entry visas for tourists at border crossings and airports [Archives:2004/753/Business & Economy]

July 8 2004

The Ministry of Interior of Yemen has recently approved granting entry visas to tourists at border crossings and airports. The Promotion Council decided to circulate this important measure in all Yemeni embassies and relevant organizations and institutions.
The decision aims at achieving the flourishing of the tourist sector that suffers from stagnation and also to attract tourists from markets exporting tourist groups. The decision particularly stressed on citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council, the eight industrial states, the European Union countries, Scandinavian countries, Switzerland, Malaysia, Singapore, new Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong and South Korea.
The decision demonstrates that Yemen is heading for attracting more foreign tourists by offering services of direct entry visas at border crossings and airports to save time that has been a factor delaying tourists in their dealing with Yemeni embassies abroad, before this decision that has recently been taken.
The Council for Tourist Promotion has formed a technical committee to complete studying the executive and organizational regulation of the Council and also the Tourist Promotion Fund. The council endorsed engaging the State Authority for Islands Development and the ministry of Local Administration in meetings of the Promotion Council in order to take part in opinion giving and taking significant measures for activation the process of investment in the islands.
The Yemeni ministry of interior had earlier decided lifting security accompaniment of tourists, a measure used to annoy them and restrict their movements and travels.
The Yemeni government hopes from those procedures to achieve speed in increasing the number of incomers for visiting tourist landmarks in Yemen and developing sources of income for the tourist sector.