Environment Health Reactivation [Archives:2004/767/Health]

August 26 2004

The environment Health Department in al-Qahirah district, Taiz town, under the chairmanship of Tareq Al Ashwal reactivated the following up and inspection of the cafeterias, the restaurants and the groceries which do not adopt the cleanliness and the health standards in offering meals and in which diseases and especially diarrhea have affected their customers.
The following up and inspection operation has lead to confiscating a large quantity of spoiled food stuffs besides vegetables and grapes used as juices.
Furthermore, several useless vessels carrying bacteria and corrosion were confiscated. Mr. Al Ashwal, the officer-in-charge, has directed the owners of those cafeterias and restaurants that their workers should put on the government stipulated uniforms, which are green in color, to obtain for themselves a clearance certificate of being free from infectious diseases.
As well, the metal kneaders that carry corrosion were confiscated and ordered to be replaced by kneaders made up of white marble so as to avoid corrosion and what results out of it.