Environment Health seizes expired foodstuffs [Archives:2005/836/Health]

April 25 2005

The environment health authorities in Salah District launched a campaign on some trade stores, groceries and cafeterias in search of expired foodstuff.

Tariq al-Ashwal, General Manager of the authority told the Yemen Times that a large quantity of dates estimated at 2 tons were seized along with other foodstuffs bound to expire within a short period of time.

These foodstuffs included infant milk, beans, fruit juices and dyes used in the mixture of juice that were all confiscated, considering them the main cause of cancer diseases.

Tariq al-Ashwal added that he, along with other concerned people checked all the water tanks and found sedimentation full of bacteria at the bottoms.

On their part, Eng. Hussein al-Quladhi General Manager of Public Works Office at the district and Eng. Faisal Mish”al recommended the provision of safe water tanks in order not to put citizens at risk.

The former mentioned that one of the cafeterias was shut down after cockroaches were found in its water tanks and so was a barber shop, because of being situated between two restaurants.