Environment Pollution Endangers People with Infertility (PART 1) [Archives:2001/32/Health]

August 6 2001

Ismael Al-Ghabery
Yemen Times
During the last few years, men’s sexual health occupied the great interest of scientist all over the world specially after noticing the rise of infertility among the men due to the insufficient production of spermatic fluid (Oligospermia). The problem is also evident in Yemen, where there is an increasing percentage of infertility among males and females. Due to the importance of this topic, here I bring a broad prospective of infertility in general.
The production of oligaspermia declined 10-25% during the last decade. Researchers focused their efforts on finding the reasons behind this phenomenon and any possible relationship between this development and the increasing global environmental pollution. The negative effects of the environment on the productivity level in oligaspermia in men could be blamed on the consumed food in the form of plants, milk, meat, and other natural foodstuff. Those effects may have occurred due to the fact that those animals and plants were affected by pollution and other factors.
Unfortunately, the threat of consequences of the usage of certain chemical compounds in agriculture and animal feed are not taken seriously by governments worldwide.
The main factors behind infertility that may be witnessed in males are either the insufficiency of spermatic fluid. If this is the case, the spermatic fluid will be too week to cause pollination. Sometimes infertility is due to the nonexistence of the semen at all.
The weakness of the semen is due to two main reasons as following:
— Azoospermia: In this case, the spermatic fluid production production level is too low for possible fertility. In some cases, the spermiduct is obturated as a result of blennorrhagia, tuberculosis T.B and bacteremia in the male’s urinary passage.
II- Oligospermia: this is a consequence of desquamation in the cells forming the fluid. It may as well be due to the weakening of fibrosis in the male’s spermiduct which causes varicocele. This would also lead to the insufficiency of the male’s spermatic fluid causing infertility to 25 – 65 % of diseased males. The frequent use of the estrogen and androgen in drugs or their penetration into bodies through food also cause the prevention of the spermatic fluid production or the decline in the activeness of gonadotropins resulting in the shrinking of the body’s testosterone hormone.
Reasons of Infertility in Males
As mentioned above, the males fertility is of two kinds and the main reasons of this phenomenon varies from one case to another as follows:
1-Cryptochidsm : When testicles do not slop to the scrotum from birth. This is one of the disease symptoms caused by hypogonadism.
2- Hypongonadism : This occurs as a result of weakening of one of the testicles or both in producing semen and androgen.
3- The existence of anatomic defects on the external layer which produces semen inside the testicles.
4- The patient’s body sometimes produces antisemen excretions but the specific reasons are still unknown.
5- As a result of using x-rays and chemical drugs to treat cancer causing poison the cells and possible causing lymphoma. Alkylating Agents causes the spermiduct sensitivity.
6- Some diseases such as orchitis, blennorrhagia, tuberculous and leprosy.
7- Famine and other diseases which cause macies also negatively affect the process of the semen production.
8- Absence of one of the testicles or both of them from birth (Anorchia).
9- Spermiduct symptosis which are responsible for producing semen, of who 80% of the patients are suffering from this particular.
10- Symptosis that affects men in their mid ages.