Environmental course in Yemen [Archives:2004/771/Community]

September 9 2004

The Central Planning Organization, with the collaboration of the project for upgrading the economical and financial department in Yemen, has set up a training course on the environmental census, which was attended by 22 trainees representing census bureaus in most of the Republic governorates, and the parties issuing the environmental census data.
The course runs from 30th Aug. to 8th Sept. 2004. It is considered the first course of its type, and aims to improve environmental data and census in Yemen in order to inform those who draw up policies and strategies, and those who take decisions about environmental protection and sustainable development, in a scientific modern style. The course will help the participants to acquire the many of the scientific and practical skills to do with the environment, and provide them with an introduction to the environmental census facts in Yemen. These censuses include the shortage of elements connected to the natural environment such as air, earth and water, human waste products, natural incidents, and the impact had on the environment.