Environmental Pollution in Mukala Caused by the Romanian Ship, Golden Virgon [Archives:1999/41/Governance]

October 11 1999

On August 8, 1999, a Romanian ship, ‘Golden Virgon lay anchor on the Mukala coast in Hadramout. It left marvus on the cement concrete which protects Mukala port, and the marine life. There the biggest effect was the environmental pollution which would certainly affect Mukala because the ship carries about 226 tons of oil. If the oil leaks into the sea, it will adversely affect the environment, create an oil leek and destroy the marine life in the coast. Mukala will certainly witness a big environmental crisis if the oil leaks out. Although it has been more than two months, the insurance company and the owner company have shown utter disregard to this matter. They do not care about what happens to our country. We do not know the reason behind this. Although it is said that the landing was because of the negligence on the part of the crews. It appears to have been done intentionally. So, this matter should be referred to the court of law.

In view of the relationship between Yemen and Romania, the authorities in Mukala helped crews to remove the wreckage. Most of the crews left for their country, while a few of them are still staying in Mukala. They are putting up in one of the hotels in Mukala city.
Yemen and all environmental associations have the right to refer this matter to the international associations. Yemen also has the right to request compensations for the big influence which is expected to happen.
This is not the first time for the Romanian ships to have reached the yemeni coast. On July, 1997, a Romanian ship, Oscar Vinous, violated the Yemeni sovereignty by entering Aden coasts without any legal license.
At the same time, there was another ship which came to take the goods. The coast guard and the crews started exchanging gunfire, but the coast guard could not recognize the identity of this ship not even the cargo. Unfortunately, this happened because of the negligence of the authorities. A another ship, which anchored on the coast however, for simple reason that released, Yemen aims at improving the relationship with Romania.
The repetition of these events by the Romanian and other ships, requires a serious attention from the government. These violations must be punished according to the international law.
The authorities in the ports should make accurate investigations of these ships before they enter regional boundaries of our country.