Eradication of TB project inaugurated [Archives:2003/695/Local News]

December 18 2003

A Japanese-funded project to eradicate tuberculosis (TB) in southern and eastern governorates was inaugurated on Monday.
The cost of the project is JY 589 million. The director of the project, Mr. Yoshi Hiro Hilashoka, declared to Yemen Times that the project, which had in fact started in December of 2002, aims at enhancing the services of the Ministry of Health and Population National Project for the Eradication of TB by providing it with the necessary medical equipment.
He indicated that he would start training personnel specialized in eradicating TB, supervising their activities, performing field researches, and playing a role in ensuring the quality of services.
Mr. Hilashoka said that the contractor, Kitano Contracting, has turned the building housing the project over to representatives of the Ministry of Health and Population and the Office of Health and Population in Aden.