Eritrea apologizes to Yemen [Archives:2002/45/Local News]

November 4 2002

The writer of the article referred impolitely to the president of the republic. The magazine said that the article did not represent the magazine opinion or any official Eritrean view, and it apologizes on this technical error which resulted in passing such phrases which should be filtered.
“Such phrases do not reflect the respect and estimation of the Eritrean people and government o Yemen leader and nation” the magazine said.
The Yemeni government had filed a protest note for Eritrea delivered by the Yemeni foreign deputy minister, Mr. Abdullah Al Radi last Thursday through the Eritrean ambassador to Yemen Mohammed Othman Rido.
The protest note condemned what has been published in the Eritrean media of “offense to the Yemeni government and leader and the Eritrean accusation of Yemen of being in league with Khartoum, Addis Ababa against Asmara and toppling the Issyas Aforgi regime.”
The Saba News agency said that the Yemeni protest concentrated on the fact that what has been published represents a serious indication of disrespect and would damage the historical relation between the two neighboring countries and at odds with all the international norms specially in indicating to the presidents and political figures.
Meanwhile, the Eritrean foreign ministry, in statement published in Modern Eritrea on Friday, called on the international community to condemn what it called “the conspiracy of Sudan, Ethiopia and Yemen against Eritrea”
The Eritrean statement indicated that “such conspiracy against an independent country is an evident violation for the international laws and UN impacts”.
It said, “The irresponsible practices of these three regimes, regardless their potentials, must be condemned as it threatening peace and stability in the region, specially in the time Ethiopia is confronting starvation and dryness, and it seriously damage the nations of the regions,” also said the Eritrean foreign ministry, in a press statement issued in Thursday.
The tri-Sana’a summit held October 13-14 called in its final proclamation on Eritrea for being responsible in dealing with the neighboring countries and to avoid interfering in others affairs and repeating the past mistakes.
The countries called Eritrea to be an active member in its regional area in order to obtain the security and stability in the region.