Eritrea holds Yemeni boats [Archives:2003/04/Local News]

January 27 2003

Yemeni fishermen appealed Tuesday to responsible authorities to quickly interfere and secure the release of their fishing boats held by Eritrean authorities and to protect them against what they described as Eritrean harassment they are being exposed to in the fishing areas shared by two countries.
An Eritrean guard unit has held a number Yemeni fishermen boats in the shared fishing areas and forced them to go to Eritrean port of Mosawa , and detained them there, confiscating their boats and their contents. The fishermen confirmed that they were fishing in al-Gibal islands region.
Al-Wahda newspaper mentioned last Wednesday that the Eritrean authorities had earlier seized five Yemeni boats in Asab. Last week those authorities had withdrawn permissions granted to more than 300 Yemeni boats working in Mosawa areas and prevented them to enter Eritrea.