Eritrea Release Yemeni Fishermen [Archives:2001/31/Local News]

July 30 2001

Reliable resources told YT that the Yemeni fishermen, who were captured by the Eritrean Government last week after they had been found fishing in the disputed territorial waters between the two countries were released. The situation seriously aggravated between the two countries following the detention of some Yemeni fishermen, preventing them from fishing in the common territorial waters according to laws issued by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) last year concerning the maritime borders between the two countries. Since the beginning of this month, nearly 130 fishing boats, fishermens’ possessions and the fishing tools were seized by the Eritrean authority, the resource added. ” There is contact between the two governments, Yemen and Eritrea to settle this aggravated situation.” the Minister of the Maritime Affairs, Captain Saeed Yafaee said. The minister of Law Affairs Abdullah Ahmad Ghanem, flew last week to Asmara to discuss the situation with the Eritrean officials. It was indicated that President Saleh and the Eritrean President, Syasi Aforki reached a compromise to set up a bilateral committee concerning fishing in the common territorial waters.