Especially bad in HodeidahSchools inspectors are bleeding [Archives:2004/797/Community]

December 9 2004

By Abdulwahab Al Sofi,
[email protected]
For The Yemen Times

Teachers and inspectors have two different jobs but they are performing one lofty human service for their society.
Inspectors are important in the educational process, and teachers are also most important in the process. Yet, they are both neglected. Teachers like to be inspectors whom soon prefer to come back to teaching.
To prove this I have one example.
The teacher, performing his duty sincerely in the past, is always respected by his pupils. The salutes of students in the streets create an enthusiasm in teachers. This is a volcanic love of the teaching process. That's why teacher is like candle burning for learners.
This energetic teaching process, however, vaporizes into thin air when joined with inspectorate administration. Inspectors are not only frustrated but also neglected and ignored. He becomes an old paper.
Something is worrisome. Inspectors expected more enjoyable work than when they were teachers in schools, respected by their students. They are waiting for esteem and appreciation. They want to get the salutations, which they have been accustomed to during teaching.
Unfortunately this does not happen at all. This is because inspectors were divested of their authorities. Their instructions are not executed and even though they are not taken into consideration. Inspectorate management in Hodeidah, and in the Republic generally, is absolutely neglected.
This vital management has no stability particularly during the last five years although it has the ability to reform. It really needs a serious review by decision-makers. In short, the ability is there, but not stability.
Many changes are always taken place. The local administration was mainly established to scatter the inspection. Many decisions are issued every year. It is something credible and satirical. Consequently, inspectors have lost their credibility in schools.
What is education without inspectors and vise versa? In my opinion inspection is the core of education. It is really that this sector is wounded. No need to mention who bled it. It is the matter now how to put the medicine on the wound.
The Ministry of Education has to heal this wound as quickly as possible. We want to keep the people who defame inspectors silent, because flies always like to live on wounds as long as it is bleeding. The performance of teachers decreases gradually.
This is because inspectors in classroom of students do not follow teachers repeatedly. The teacher became inactive. They are looking for help from inspectors but no responses. Inspectors, in school usually activate the process.
The absence of inspectors in schools weakens the teaching. As a result of that, the level of students in general worsens. The task of the educational inspectorate is to determine whether and how well an activity is functioning in relation to the regulations set out in the Education Act, school ordinances and curriculum.
Inspectors must be activated and the inspection must be also united and given the liability. But neither this nor that is achieved in the inspectorate.