Estate conference in Mukalla [Archives:2008/1122/Local News]

January 21 2008

MUKALLA, Jan.20 ) Amidst the heightened presence of local and international media personnel, Mukalla officials announced on Jan.14 the launching of an estate conference which will be held on March 26- 27 In Hadramout.

The event was attended by Foreign Minister Saleh Sumaia', Tourism Minister Nabeel Al-Faqeeh, Salah M. Al-Attar, chief of the General Authority for investment, Taha Hajer, governor of Hadramout, Omar Bajarsh, chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Hadramout, and sheikh Abdullah Buqshan.

Omar Bajarsh first reviewed the idea of holding the estate conference in Hadramout, saying that it fits within the plan of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry to consolidate partnership between the private sector and the government. The estate conference is an extension of an investment opportunities exploration expo which was held in the capital city of Sana'a, calling on investors to invest in infrastructure enterprises such as Mukalla port, airport, and electricity facilities among others, Bajarsh added.

Hajer stressed the importance of holding the estate conference to stimulate tourism, while Sumaia' was optimistic about the outcomes of the conference, saying, “It is a successful conference because it was held in a place where its citizens are businessmen in other countries such as Ethiopia