Eternal Love [Archives:2006/915/Community]

January 26 2006

K P Janardhanan
[email protected]

The dry leaf of an oak tree,

Fell in love with a budding flower,

Murmured in her ear

For a new lease of life!

Before the natures long-

Out-stretched hand grabs me,

Take me to your fold,

Give me what I lost.

Foolishness, though my angel, help me,

To turn back the hands of that big clock,

The desire to live with you,

Is burning within me

Dear old! You are reading,

The last chapter in the book of life,

Where many a question,

The wise and fool alike failed to answer.

Wide opened from page one,

That book lies in front of me,

To read, to rediscover, to interpret

Life as seen through my own eyes

Waste no time my saver,

Take this cup of filtered wisdom,

Drink, you drink the honey of my know-how,

I, the intoxicating wine of your youth

Go no deep in life's intricacies

Don't concentrate on its bitter part

In the guise of teachings,

Religion, denied us that sweet bowl!

OH! that sweet bowl!!

What is life? Nothing but love!

Love, and love alone!

Is it wrong to be loved, being loved?

Love! Enjoy life to its last drop!

Oozing the drips of life's honey!

Clicking away the seconds of the pendulum!

Waste no time my young,

Come! Thrill me by your bubbling youth!