Ethiopia celebrates National Day [Archives:2003/637/Community]

May 26 2003

Sanaa – On the occasion of the 12th anniversary of the Ethiopian National Day May 28th, the Ethiopian embassy in Yemen released an official statement in which it emphasized the importance of this date in the history of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. “May 28 marks a turning point in the history of modern Ethiopia. On that day twelve years ago, an end to dictatorship was proclaimed. The removal of the military regime, known as the Derg, opened opportunities for laying down the foundation of peace, democracy and participatory development, which have been the guide for public life for the last twelve years.” the statement said.
The embassy also focused on how the Derg mobilized the population to hold on to power. It mentioned the suffering of Ethiopians during the Derg's rule and reminded of the atrocities it committed against humanity.
The statement also referred to the Derg's contribution to poverty and corruption during its rule, and highlighted the contrast in terms of development between the period before and after May 28, 1991.
The embassy also emphasized the importance of human rights, freedom, and unity among Ethiopians. “A strong principle of mutual coexistence in a united Federal Ethiopia for mutual benefits has been enshrined in the Federal Constitution adopted by the representatives of the nations and nationalities of Ethiopia.” the statement added.
The statement also explained how unity among Ethiopians was enhanced in response to the “external aggression waged by Eritrea.” It stressed on Ethiopia's objectives in achieving peace and security in the country and the region.
The embassy also referred to Ethiopia of today as a place where there is a “conducive atmosphere for democratic participation, which is manifested in the functioning of political parties, the private press, different civil society associations and others which play a role in strengthening the democratic life of the country.”
The statement continued with socio-economic developments and recalled the critical urgency in dealing with the current drought threatening at least 11 million compatriots.
The statement continued with an optimistic view of the future of Ethiopia referring to the positive developments witnessed during the last 12 years including those developments in the civil service. “The government is also working aggressively to make the civil service an effective servant of the society.
The statement concluded by encouraging Ethiopians in their homeland and abroad to assist the Ethiopian government for the purpose of extricating the country's poverty, which represents the major threat to the nation's very survival. “This should be our motto as we mark May 28, this year.” it concluded.