Euro 787 million,Total German support for Yemen [Archives:2004/741/Business & Economy]

May 27 2004

Yemeni- German relations are prominently seen in bilateral development where Germany offers a multi-form economic support for Yemen. The total amount of support since 1969 has amounted to 787 million euros, 60% of which through the German bank for reconstruction and 40% via the German establishment for technical cooperation known as GTZ.
Participants in an exhibition and a symposium on the Yemeni-German cooperation organised by the national center for documents have made it clear that Germany has supported the Yemen infrastructure as it built the Sana'a airport and many highways, including the road of Sana'a-Taiz.
The German establishment GTZ is presently executing a comprehensive program representing support activities in areas of protection of cultural heritage in addition to areas of education, reproduction health, water and sanitation, small industries, vocational training and urban development.
Those aspects of assistance include support of rural areas, development of systems on managing information in using the computer and supporting projects of renewable energy.
The German state offers support for Yemen in areas aimed at realization of millennium development objectives according to five criteria being adopted by the German government in offering its financial assistance. Those criteria include the respect of human rights, involvement of the citizen in decision-making and roe of the law and adoption of a free economic order.
According to those criteria Yemen has been chosen as including 40 states as a major partner for the German developmental cooperation and one of four guidance countries in the world for the German working program aimed at shrinking poverty to half by the year 2015. Therefore, Germany offers assistance to Yemen in the integrated management of water resources, financial decentralization, support for civil society organizations, equality between social gender and improvement of citizens' living circumstances.