Euro-Arab cultural dialogue [Archives:2003/681/Last Page]

October 30 2003

Hassan Al-Zaidi
The cultural exchange between different cultures and civilizations has always been a great event in which people from various countries get to know and learn about each other more. This was the objective of the celebrations and events carried out jointly by the French Embassy, the German Embassy and the Cultural Center for Language, in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism earlier this month.
The events started with a musical concert by a Yemeni-French-German musical group. It was an interesting event in which the three cultures where mixed together and reflected both European and Arab arts. Not only music, but an exhibition for paintings and modern art took place in the events at the Cultural House in Sana’a, the exhibition will be lasting until the 25th of this month.
In spite of the disparity between European and Yemeni arts yet the mixing between the two in one exhibitions has been an interesting experience to witness, one of the French artists exclaimed. She added that this is the first time she works in a musical group with Arabian artists and this experience has taught her a lot about cultural exchange.
Mr. Guido Zebisch Cultural Attache’ at the German Embassy said that the musical group consisted of 5 Yemeni artists, a French artist with her group and a German artist with her group. The idea behind this musical initiative was triggered by the dialogue between cultures concept between Europe and the Arab world and that the whole team enjoyed their being together and the visits and tours they took around the capital Sana’a, he added.