European artists value Yemen’s art [Archives:2003/673/Local News]

October 2 2003

Sana'a, Sept 30_ As time is close to declare Sana'a as the Capital of Arab the Culture of 2004 and in a first step of its kind, the Culture Ministry along with German and French embassies has recently sponsored a unique cultural event in which a group of artists from the three countries worked together, produced art works and perform a wonderful music.
In this regard, French and Germans held a press conference on Sunday 28 September that took place at the Yemeni Cultural Center to shed a light on this event.
Dr. Tobias Tunkel, Second Secretary in German Embassy, said: “Participants have been selected by Yemeni committee. Organizing such event mainly aims at expanding and enhancing cultural cooperation between Yemen, France and Germany and gives the European artists an opportunity to know more about the Yemeni culture. The artists also will share and benefit from each others' experience.”
“The great importance of organizing these two workshops that last for three weeks has coincided with preparation for declaring Sana'a the capital of Arab Culture. There will be a concert on October 8 and followed by exhibition on 11 of the same month at Culture House.” he added.
“We hope that this experience will be successful and open wide-scope cultural talks between the countries.” he concluded.