European Commission offers 7.5 million euros to,Support fish wealth and democracy in Yemen [Archives:2005/873/Business & Economy]

September 1 2005

The European Commission has allocated seven million and 500 thousand euros in assistance to support two projects in Yemen. The first deals with democracy and development of human rights and the second for the development of the fish wealth. The aid comes as part of the European support strategy for the years 2005 and 2006 aiming at backing the Yemeni government efforts for poverty alleviation and enhancement of democracy.

The commissioner entrusted with foreign relations at the Commission announced in a statement lately that the first project is aimed at supporting the partnership between the Yemeni government and non-governmental organizations with the objective of encouragement and protection human rights and democracy, adding that the support embodies keenness and interest by the European Commission in encouraging efforts that Yemen is exerting for the consolidation of democratic successes and respect for human rights and aiding its efforts in fighting terror. The assistance program is part of the existing cooperation between Yemen and the European Union in this respect since 2003.

The European official has made it clear that the second project supported by the European Union concentrates on effecting growth to the fish wealth sector, pointing out that the assistance aims at rising productivity and competitiveness of fishing activity I Yemen improving quality of production with causing damage to the fish wealth.

She has added that in the framework of this support there would be several measures to be taken to strengthen energies and effort exerted for researches related to curing and preserving fish and modernization of infrastructures and facilities such as platforms for unloading, selling halls, laboratories for quality control and inspection installations for fishermen's products.