European film festival- 2000 Voice of Love and Revolution [Archives:2000/24/Culture]

June 12 2000

The Fourth Film Festival was organized from 4th to 13th June, 2000. Eight European diplomatic missions and cultural centers representing Germany, Poland, Turkey, Czech Republic, Netherlands, France, Italy and Britain, in cooperation with and under the auspices of the Yemeni Ministry of Culture and Tourism have already taken all the necessary preparatory steps for this great event of the Yemeni Capital cultural life. The European Film Festival has already become a tradition in Yemen. Its first edition was held in June, 1997, the second one in May,1998, the third one in June,1999 at the Yemeni Cultural Center, with participation of several European countries. Great interest showed by the Yemeni public opinion as well as the enthusiastic support and assistance provided by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in organizing the festival brought the former participants to the conclusion that it served well the development of the Yemeni-European cultural relations and that it should be continued in the next years.
The Festival gives details of dates, times, and film titles together with the names of the producers and directors.

On 4 June, 2000.
A film from Germany entitled,” Run Lola Run”The film deals with the issue of life, love and death. Lola and Manni are in their early 20s and lovers. It seems that Manni is involved in crooked dealing for a black-marketeer in cars. but everything goes wrong and Manni leaves the bag with 100,000 Marks lying in the underground. His boss wants to collect the money in twenty minutes. Then he phones Lola about it and Lola runs out into the street. She runs for her life, love and for Manni’s life.

On 5 June, 2000
A film from Poland entitled,” With Fire and Sword”The seventeenth century polish-Ukrainian borderland is torn by a Cossack uprising. A young Polish Colonel Skrzetuski on his way back from Russia meets beautiful Helena which he falls in love with her. Unfortunately, as a result of her Aunt’s plot, Helena had been promised to a Ukrainian soldier in return for her resignation from the right to a family property. When Skrzetuski finds out about the plot, the Aunt agrees to give Helena to him. When Bohun the soldier learns about it, he run mad and burns the property down killing the Aunt’s sons. Finally, Skrzetuski meets Helena and they announce their engagement and the colonel gets Bohum imprisoned. However, he lets Bohum free at last.

6 June, 2000
A film from Turkey entitled,” Roots of Oleander” – My Childhood.
Muzo the son of a poor family lives in Adana with his big brother Sefa. Muzo is a sensitive imaginative boy. A couple moves into the house opposite of Muzo’s. The man is old and rich and the woman is young. The old man always sends him to buy drinks giving him tips generously.. The young woman leaves home because the man keeps beating her. Ten years later, muzo meets the daughter of their new neighbor Cumali. They work together in the same cotton field and the father desires to marry his daughter to muzo but he can not marry her before he completes his education. Thus the father marries her to another man.

7 June, 2000
A film from Czech entitled,” kolya”This Oscar winning film describes the everyday troubles of a peculiar old bachelor Louka who accepts a faked marriage with Russian woman Nadezda. After her emigration to the West, he unexpectedly becomes father of five years old Russian boy named kolya. After the political changes in Czechoslovakia, Kolya returns to his mother leaving the two couple to say good-bye to each other.

8 June,2000
A film from Holland entitled,” Abel The flying liftboy”Abel, 11 years old, isn’t getting on well in his school so the mother takes him away from the school and he gets a job as a lift boy in a department store. Abel likes the job very much. When a policeman comes to take him back to school, he pushes the green button and the lift shoots up like a rocket. that’s how the adventure of Abel and the Flying Lift starts. The journey leads all those in the lift to New York and to the Latin America.

10 June,2000
A film from France entitled,” Le Bossu”- ( The hunchback)
It will take 16 years for Lagardere to have revenge on treacherous Gonzague who murdered his friend, the Duke of Nevers. Sixteen years to make morals triumph, to save his honor and to find love.

12 June,2000
A film from Italy entitled,” notes of Love”Angela is a woman of thirty, who in search of her love, challenges her phobias. She convinces herself that she found the man of her dreams. The only problem is that Marco, a teacher about forty, separated from his wife a father to a daughter of fifteen. On the other hand, he is in love with one of his young students, who in turn loves the wrong person just like Angela. Despite all the difficulties, destiny brings Angela closer to the man of her dreams.

13 June,2000
A film from Britain entitled,” lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels”The plot revolves around five likeable, rough diamond characters. They take part in a serious card game and believe that everything is under control. They don’t realize that the table is rigged and consequently they find themselves owing twice the amount originally played for. A group of upper class hippies have cultivated a potent strain of cannabis which is turning into a profitable business venture. when the hippies’ stash of money is stolen by a violent gang, chaos ensues as it transpires that the dope growers are working for another gang.