European Film Festival for first time in Hodeidah [Archives:2007/1046/Local News]

April 30 2007

SANA'A, April 29 ) The German Embassy in Sana'a announced that the 11th European Film Festival will run from May 5 to 31, 2007.

“After more than a decade, the Festival has grown into a large and attractive event – joining many Yemeni and European partners, and thus reflecting the idea of European diversity in unity. While the Festival started in Sana'a, it later expanded to Aden, and will now be presented in Hodeidah for the first time,” said the embassy in a press release issued on Saturday.

The Festival is organized by the Embassies and Cultural Agencies of eight European Union member states, the Delegation of the European Union Commission, the Embassy of Turkey, and the Ministry of Culture.

According to the embassy, nine current European films will be shown from nine different countries, representing a variety of genres and topics. There are touching documentaries, like the Spanish film “On The Other Side” about Muslim immigrants in Spain, or the German film “Rhythm Is It!” covering an exciting youth music project in Berlin. There are films reflecting issues highly debated in Europe, like the Dutch film “The Assault”, the film from France, “Divine Intervention”, or the Czech contribution, “Dark Blue World”. There is also some comedy on offer in the film chosen by the Delegation of the European Union Commission: “Big Plans”. Dramatic stories like “Lovelorn” come from Turkey and from Italy there is “100 steps”. A literary adaptation based on a novel by the famous author Jane Austen, PRIDE AND PREJUDICE, hails from the United Kingdom.

All films will be shown in their original language with subtitles in Arabic or English.

Each film will be introduced by a member of staff of the respective Embassy or Cultural Agency. All films start at 8pm and the facilities have been chosen in order to welcome families.