European Film Festival in Aden next week [Archives:2005/899/Local News]

December 1 2005

ADEN, Nov. 28)The European Film Festival 2005 will be featured on December 3, 2005, stated the Sana'a-based British Council and its partners in the European Film Festival 2005.

Being an annual festival, the European Film introduces some of the best movies in made by the European film industry over the recent years. This year's number of films participating is greater than ever.

The collection to be screened will includes British, German, Austrian, Finish, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish and Turkish films.

In previous years, the Festival presented films which were specific to certain countries which have diplomatic ties with Yemen. However, this year's festival has a range of films from across the European Union's members such as Austria and

Finland. As Britain currently holds the Presidency of the European Union, a British product will inaugurate the Festival.