Euthanasia!! After Dutch Parliament’s Approval to Mercy Killing, Will Arab Countries Enact Laws Concerning Mercy Killing? [Archives:2001/40/Culture]

October 1 2001

Abdu Muqbil
Yemen Times

What is Euthanasia?
It is called mercy killing. The act of putting someone to death painlessly or allowing them to die, as by withholding medical treatment from a person suffering from an incurable and especially painful disease or condition.
The Dutch Parliament unanimously agreed to kill the gravely ill people. The so-called merciful death may explicitly suggest mercy, or it may implicitly signify torture. Doctors may resort to such acts intending to trade in the organs of the human body. Such killing of those suffering from incurable diseases is considered a heinous crime in our religion. Regrettably, the Western countries, including Holland, the country which protects human rights, support this act and urge other countries to enact such laws. So what is behind this law? Is it possible for Arab countries to enact similar laws? What about those who have become victims to incurable diseases? Is it reasonable to risk other people’s lives and fall prey to the so-called merciful death? This is what we are going to deal with.
The people who suffer from incurable diseases, such as cancer, AIDS or nephritic failure already know the inevitable consequences they will reach. Perhaps, my dear reader, taking risks such as that is considered to be suicide. Do you agree with me? It is certain that patients’ relatives or friends will have no patience with staying for a long period next to the patient taking care of him in hope that he may recover. The merciful death according to what they say is not only a killing but also an interference with God’s will. In spite of modern technology in all aspects of life, doctors have become hopeless facing such incurable diseases. It is destined for patients to suffer and groan, but there is no need to be hopeless. I think no one in Arab countries will approve such act. It is known to all that Islam is a religion of peace, tolerance, and kindness.
A premeditated murder!!
From a medical point of view, the so-called mercy killing is similar to what we call suicide, and can be considered to be against our traditions as Islamic communities. It is premeditated murder. The Westerners have approved mercy killing for anyone who becomes bored with life or with any incurable disease. Killing a patient is done two ways, either by special medical apparatus or by vaccination. Whatever the means is, the means is killing and nothing else. Perhaps, they want our doctors to be killers and murderers. Who knows, perhaps other of God’s miracles will occur such as that of chronic diseases.
Against the Law
Mercy killing pertains to the human soul. This act is against our religion and our traditions as Arabs. Undoubtedly, Muslims as well as Arabs will not only reject, but they will rebel against such acts.
From a sociological point of view, it is confirmed that Muslim communities have grown to know that medicine is a sacred profession which protects human life. Practitioners are considered angels of mercy and not angels of torture. If it is the reverse, the patient would prefer to die and would refuse to be treated by doctors.
On the other hand, psychologists have confirmed that confidence plays an active role in the patient’s recovery. If the patient’s feelings are negative, the patient’s condition will deteriorate. The practitioners have to remove the patient’s premonitions or any fears which may affect him later.
In conclusion, if such acts are allowed, some will use it illegally to kill patients under the pretext of treatment. The doctor’s business is to treat people and not to kill them.