Everybodys a Winner [Archives:2000/48/Local News]

November 27 2000

A shopping festival under the slogan Everybodys A Winner was inaugurated by Alfa Panasonic last Tuesday in Sheraton in Sanaa for show of its new products. The festival was inaugurated by the companys General Director Mr. Hussein Al-Rasheedi, the Planning Manager Mr. Imad Ahmed Saeed, the Executive Sales Manager Mr. Mirza Fazal Ahmed Ahmed, and the Planning and Advertising Manager in the Middle East and some African countries Mr. Fernando C, Layug. The festival was attended by some businessmen, corporations agents and media representatives.
In a press conference held last week, Mr. Hamoud Al.Bukhaity, the Societys vice chairman said that the society was waiting for the Arab Union of Consumers to prepare a final list of Israeli products present in the market and have no labels referring to the country of origin. He also added that the month of Ramadan would be the beginning for launching a campaign for boycotting such products and fighting commercial counterfeit. Mr. Al-Bukhaity revealed that local and foreign pressures were put on the society to stop the campaigns.