Exams nightmares [Archives:2003/667/Education]

September 11 2003

By Saeed Omer Al-Batuli
Faculty of education- Seiyun
Hadramout university of science and technology

People go through life in a cycle of exams, they are between two choices, either to work hard to pass this exams and reaching goals or to give up to the failure. Yes, life is full of problems, terrible situation and demands so failure to meet all things results in fear and depression. On the contrary success to meet them results ongoing happiness and real meaning for life. Because of this, the difficult moment in people's life is the moment which places people's position in life whether they are from the winners or the losers, consequently they become in confusion and nervous when this moment become imminent. Similarly students exams is primary and secondary schools as well as in the universities. Indeed, students at the night of exam become at sixes and sevens fearing from zero hour. As far as I am concerned, I think, its unspeakable feelings when I'm going to seat for exam. Early, exam causes bad impacts on student's psyche. It may reduce the appetite of eating, makes the students keeping vigil till midnight and changes fat students to thin one. On the other hand, some students succumbed to the nightmares of exams and to failure. Minority of them decided to leave the study at all and the rest decided to remain struggling for their goal, but not as sedulous clever students do, those students resort to cheating in order to fill the gap of failure. On the top of that, instead of studying they prepare tiny papers, write on their hand or whispering to each other in the exam's hall. Now the question is that are all the cheaters succeed in their plan? The answer simply is no, some cheaters succeed and the others fail. In fact, some cheaters are surprised when they see exams hall is full of subtle invigilators who are going to watch and illegally movements I think we have heard a lot about those students whom their attempts for cheating are foiled. They fainted their reputation and lost their future and it would endure as a stigma forever. However, it would be expedient for those students if they absorbed exams nightmares and accepted the challenge. But everyone says as he reaps. All in-all Let's break the ice and not let exams nightmares to become as a stumbling block in the way of success. Mistakes and problems will happen, no one is infallible and take it for granted that you will be nervous, no matter how well prepared you are. Adopting a positive mental attitude and think to your-self that trembling hands, shortness of breath, a rapidly beating heart and feelings of panic are signs that extra a adrenaline is reaching the brain. Be assured that these reactions disappear quickly once you have started to write. You have to bear in mind that by persistence and preserving you can do whatever we want. May God help all students in passing their exams successfully.