Excellent-Division Football Tournament Starts End of November [Archives:1998/47/Sports]

November 23 1998

A meeting was held in the Ministry of Youth & sports, on the recommendation of Dr. Abdul-Whab Raweh, Youth & Sports minister, to speed up preparations to start matches of the Excellent and the First divisions. The meeting was also attended by Mr. Homood Obad, Deputy Minister of Youth & Sports; Mr. Ali Al-Ashwal, Chairman of the Yemeni Football Association (YFA) and Mr. Ahmed Al-Hada, Director of Youth & Sports fund.
The general budget for sports activities (1998-99) was endoresed. The general budget of the General League (Excellent, First Divisions & the Governorates’ tournaments) was approved.
On the other hand, the YFA decided the Excellent-division football tourmnament should kick off the on November, ’98. They decided to postpone the start of the First-division matches till after the Governorates’ tournament, which will commence on December 3, ’98. Teams are divided into four groups to play in the following governorates:
Group 1 – Aden
Group 2 – Sanaa
Group 3 – Taiz
Group 4 – Seioun
The winner of each group will qualify for the semi-finals