Excellent-League Tournament Enters 4th Week [Archives:1998/50/Sports]

December 14 1998

The third round of the Football-Excellent League Tournament was concluded with a high-pitch match between Al-Ahli of and Al-Zohrah teams – both of Sanaa. In that match, Al-Ahli defeated Al-Zohrah 2-1 and so won 3 points. Being in the second place after Sha’ab Ibb team, Al-Ahli has 9 points. 
At the 14th minute of the first half of the match, Abdulhafeez of Al-Zohra scored the first goal. Two minutes later, Al-Qadeemi scored an equalizer. During the second half, Al-Ahli lost a lot of chances to score, forcing extra play-off time. On the third minute, Al-Salimi of Al-Ahli scored the winning goal. 
As Al-Zohrah was defeated, it will remain at the end of the list with only one point. 
On December 10th, Al-Wahda defeated Al-Hilal 4-1. This allowed Al-Wahda to take third place with 7 points and Al-Hilal remained in 10th place with only 3 points. 
In Aden, Al-Sho’ula defeated Al-Ettihad 6-nil. With this result, Al-Sho’ula remains in 4th place with 6 points to its credit. Al-Ettihad of Ibb remains in 7th place with 4 points. 
In Hadhramaut, Sha’ab Hadhramaut defeated Hassan team 1-nil, thus taking 6th place with 4 points. Hassan team, on the other hand, occupies the 5th place with 4 points. 
In Sanaa, Al-Wahda of Aden defeated Al-Majd 1-nil. Al-Wahda got 3 points more taking the 12th place, and Al-Majd remains in the 13th place with only 1 point. 
The tournament continues to generate extensive popular interest and enthusiasm. Unfortunately, that also means more friction among the fans. 
The tournament will be continued over the next few days. Matches will group the teams a follows as per the dates and game places shown. 
  Team Date Place Ahli of Sanaa vs Tilal  Shoula vs Shaab of Mukallah  Wahda of Aden vs Wahda of Hilal vs Tale’ah  Majd vs Zohrah  Etihad vs Al-Saqr Hassan vs Sha’ab of Ibb  12/16th/98  12/16th/98  12/17th/98  12/17th/98  12/17th/98  12/17th/98  12/17th/98  Sanaa Aden Aden Hodeida Sanaa Ibb Abyan Football is the most popular sport among the Yemeni public. Children play it starting from a very tender age, some times as young as three or four. No facilities are really required, as the budding stars often start from street alleys. 
In large cities and towns, clubs and sports recreation facilities do offer some training ground. But the general rule is no facilities.