Execution of Dutch murderer [Archives:2006/910/Local News]

January 9 2006

SANA'A, Jan.7- The murderer of the Dutch national, Ahmed Ali Ahmed Nawas, was executed last Wednesday in the Central prison in Sana'a.

Nawas was condemned for the murder of his 30 years old Dutch wife. A death squad carried out the execution. The Dutch wife was found dead in Dar Salm area in 2000. The husband who works as a driver in a tourist company knew the Dutch woman and married her shortly before her murder. She used to work in a Dutch development organization that supports development projects in Yemen.

This is the second execution for a convict who killed or kidnapped foreigners. Last Tuesday convict Faisal was executed for kidnapping foreign tourists in 2001. He was also convicted for robbery and killing a Yemeni national.