Executives Ask Legislature to Address Kidnapping [Archives:1998/18/Front Page]

May 4 1998

The Consultative Council (CC) started yesterday, Sunday, May 3rd, debates regarding the issue of kidnapping and hostage taking in Yemen. This step comes in response to a letter from president Ali Abdullah Saleh that the CC discuss this matter and propose solutions.
A few days earlier, the Vice Minister of Interior, Mutahhar Al-Masri, wrote a letter to the House of Deputies asking it to look into the problem of kidnapping. Al-Masri gave the parliamentarians a list of 150 tribes, regions and persons who are wanted for kidnapping.
By throwing the ball to the legislature, the executive authority will first try to involve the law-makers in the problem and seek possible remedies; and second, buy time in finding solutions.
There are an average of 30 kidnappings a year in Yemen. Usually disgruntled tribesmen take foreigners as leverage in their disputes with the central authority.