Exhibition of poor families’ products inaugurated [Archives:2004/781/Local News]

October 14 2004

Taiz Bureau
Taiz, Saturday October 9th ) A ceremony was held at Al-Sha'ab School to inaugurate the exhibition of products for needy families. The exhibition was organized from 9th -15th October by Al-Awa'el Company for Micro-finance that was converted into a company from being a development program for small enterprises and handicrafts. This company belongs to the UN development program in Yemen, which was established in the beginning of 2000 in coordination with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor. The company aims at upgrading the current functions through the offer of a series of small loans.
Its goals are conducive to the development of the local community, alleviation of poverty, reducing the unemployment rate and giving women the chance to participate in development as well as encouraging handicrafts and small professions.
Additionally, the company contributes to improving charitable work and diversifying the products of loans in order to meet the needs of craftsmen. Many services, such as group and individual loans, are also provided by the company.
The ceremony and the inauguration of the exhibition were attended by Deputy Governor of Taiz, Mohammed AL-Hayaiem, the Chairman of Al-Awa'el Company and a number of representatives of charitable organizations.