Exhibition on 130 years of Yemeni press concluded [Archives:2004/716/Local News]

March 1 2004

Hassan Al-Zaidi
An exhibition on 130 years of the Yemeni press held at Bait al-Thaqafa in Sana'a was concluded on Sunday 29 February.
The exhibition was organised by the National Center for Documents and Information in cooperation with the National House for Books on 22-29 February.
The exhibition comes as an event to give prominence to the history of the Yemeni press and its roe in documenting Yemen's political, social and cultural history throughout that period.
The exhibition included 262 issues arranged chronologically according to their occurrence of time, in addition to newspapers issued by Yemeni expatiates abroad.
The importance of the exhibition derives from the role of the press as a united national fabric, regardless of the place of issue and variety of political and intellectual orientations it has followed.
Its significance also stems from its being held at the time Yemen is celebrating the declaration of Sana'a as capital of Arab culture 2004, and the historical importance of such documents and publications.