Exotic Fashion [Archives:2009/1227/Community]

January 22 2009

By: Suleiman Raise Bauzer
Faculty of Arts&Humanities
Al-Ahgaff University-Mukalla

Fashion is the only principal aim that most Arab teenagers are looking for and are chasing.

In other words, the clothes which they prefer and love have become one of the most important things to them.

In spite of what kind of clothes are available, they are insisting on dressing in popular fashions. The most important thing is that the designs are strange.

I mean clothes that contain some words – words that have been specifically chosen to be written on our clothes by our enemies. Some of these words support their religions or political beliefs, such as Christianity or Zionism.

Moreover, bad words are used, like Son of Bitch and so on. I'm telling you about these kinds of words just so that you are not deceived. This kind of clothing is usually soft and high quality, but nevertheless, it contains immoral words and messages.

I know there is no specific Islamic dress that you must follow or be ordered to put on, but this is a message for you to boycott this kind of dress.

The main idea is that most teenagers they don't know what has been written on their shirts, T-shirts and caps. Moreover, they don't know the proper meaning of these words. Surely if these words written in their mother tongue, they wouldn't wear them any more.

In spite of a wide range and quantity of this kind of clothing in the market, we still have the finest substitutes consisting of plain clothes for all ages.

These plain clothes come from different Islamic countries or other countries; there are even local products.

So by this kind of boycotting we will support our brothers in Gaza and we will make a great triumph.