Expansions among the projects discussedMukalla, Wadi Hajar water systems get attention [Archives:2004/735/Business & Economy]

May 6 2004

Mahyoub Al-Kamaly
A recent meeting of officials from the customs authority and the deputy of Hadramout, governor Umair MUbarak, recommended solutions be found to the problem of random fishing, and preparing the port of Mukalla and expanding it with necessary infrastructure to receive large ships.
Also, an agreement was signed at the ministry of agriculture and irrigation according to which there would be study on the economic feasibility of rural development in Wadi Hajar and districts of Hadramout coast at a cost of KD 70 thousand and to be executed by Khatib and World Lebanese company.
The study aims at preparing practical studies on requirements of development in the Wadi and districts of the coast from which around 125 families would benefit.
According to the agreement funded by the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development, the Lebanese company would gather and process quantitative and qualitative data that would be obtained during the period of study.
The ministry of agriculture would implement the study of economic feasibility to develop the Wadi Hajar and districts of the coast of Hadramout, through improving agricultural and animal production as well as building water barriers and dams and activation of agricultural guidance in the Wadi. It also aims at developing the rural woman role in supporting small and handicraft projects.
All that comes within the context of the government's strategy for combating poverty in rural regions, and taking interest in paying attention to improving income of poor families. The aim is also to qualify the woman to take part in local development and securing circumstances of her living and preserving woman's professional and popular activities in various Yemeni governorates.
At the same time, the authority of customs in Mukalla has discussed issues of customs exempts of some subsidized commodities and charitable goods, especially foodstuffs and electric appliances.
It has shown willingness for offering necessary facilities and tackling customs issues through coordination with concerned parties in the local authority and the ministry of finance.